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Runtastic Push-Ups Workout


Get stronger and do more push ups with the free Runtastic Push-Ups app!The Runtastic Push-Ups Workout app turns your Android device into your PERSONAL PUSH UPS TRAINER for a top-of-the-line chest workout. It’s perfect whether you’re about to get started or already a push ups fan. Use the app to strengthen and tone your muscles anywhere, anytime. No gym or equipment needed for a strength workout - just get started! A scientifically developed training plan guides you towards your goal using one of the most effective chest exercises. Plus, forget about counting your repetitions: The proximity sensor in your smartphone/tablet reliably counts all your push-ups. You just focus on your form and body strength.
APP FEATURES & BENEFITS:* Counts completed push up repetitions using proximity sensor or by your nose touching the display! Your strength workouts are about to reach a whole new level.* Access to Level 1 of the scientifically developed training plan for a great chest workout* Voice Coach for constant feedback during your upper body workout* Beat your best and set personal records with the help of your push ups trainer (soon to be one of your favorite chest exercises!)* Upload pushup workout activities to* Integrate Runtastic activities to your MyFitnessPal account* Share your success on Google+, Facebook, Twitter or via email* Collect motivating badges for your strength workout performance* Automatic countdown timer for your rest between exercise sets during your pushup workout
SIMPLY MOTIVATINGStats about your completed push up repetitions are not only highly motivating, but offer you a great and useful overview of all your strength workout sessions. Make use of your personal records to boost your motivation even further and keep setting new PRs for this classic upper body strengthening move. Got to love pushups and your push ups trainer! Did you know that push ups for your chest workout also offer an awesome core workout, too!
UNIQUEYour push-ups are automatically recognized using the accelerometer of your smartphone/tablet OR by touching the display with your nose. Ready for a killer pushup workout? Let’s increase your body strength.
Practical & informative: You can upload your strength workouts to, if you want. There you can access your activity log anytime as well as all your stats to monitor your progress.
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Kick off your journey towards your dream body and increased body strength! Start the Runtastic Push-Ups Workout app and let your training begin - whenever & wherever you feel like it….just drop down and do a push up! Always focus on proper form when doing your reps and engage your entire body! You’ll be getting a great core workout, too!. Ready, set, pushups!
Push ups for chest: Your ticket to your strongest self! Push ups for the chest are one of the best exercises. Not only do they give you a great upper body workout, but also an incredible core workout as well. You’ve got to add them to all your upper body strength workouts!
Runtastic is all about health & fitness apps! Check out more of our apps to help you reach your fitness goals at
C’mon, get your pushups on!